Our Change Management Practice

What is the right way to change? Managing change is critical for companies that want to grow and stay competitive. However, many organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to implement change. Leading organizations know how to adopt change effectively, stay ahead of disruption and keep up with their customers' ever-evolving expectations.

Transnational Computer Technology (TCT) is a leading global consulting firm that helps clients adopt the change effectively. TCT's Change Management Practice is a key component in transformation, growth and success. Change Management Practice is all about helping clients adopt the changes effectively. It's a key component in transformation too, so you need to get it right. TCT helps your business with the necessary tools and skillset at every stage of Change Management to keep your staff motivated and engaged.

The Change Kaleidoscope

Change Management- A Key Component in Transformation

TIME: How quickly is change needed

TCT is a company that specializes in change management. They help your company to transform itself by managing the transformation, and how quickly you need it done. TCT has partners around the world and will be able to provide whatever services you need to make the change happen.

SCOPE:What degree of change is needed

TCT provides a comprehensive change management service to their clients. This service includes identifying the scope of the change, creating an implementation plan, and monitoring progress to ensure that the change has been successfully implemented.


We provide Change Management, which is a key component in successful transformation. Preservation can be one of the main obstacles to change. TCT will help managers and executives identify organizational resources, assets, expertise and characteristics that need to be preserved while they're engaged in transformation.


We help organizations to increase the inclusiveness of their teams and reduce the amount of management layers, thus ensuring a faster and smoother transformation through a better understanding of the change process.  We provide their clients with international rankings of diversity and implement solutions to increase the level of homogeneity within their client's workforces


We provide one-to-one consultancy, group training and workshops to a wide variety of audiences. Our service is aimed at the needs of the client: whether they are an individual or a private company, we work to tailor our content according to their needs. We offer skills and knowledge to managers in charge to implement change and digital transformation processes inside the organization.


Effective change management is the key for a successful and sustainable transformation. Facing the challenges of digitalization, our team of experts can help you identify your organizational strengths and weaknesses, determine how to handle changes and provide you with the tools necessary to manage resources efficiently.


We take a holistic approach to the problem, looking at how the organization, its managers and staff are ready for change. We help clients identify their readiness for changes and then provides the necessary resources and counsel to help them be successful. We specialize in change readiness, change support and transformation.

The change lifecycle