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Unified Implementation Methodology

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Why Oracle Unified Method (OUM)?

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TCT is a company focused on improving organization’s performance through technology. We offer a wide range of services that cover all the span from implementation to technical support.

TCT is a boutique consultancy with a highly specialized focus on Oracle implementations. We do not offer any other services and our teams are solely dedicated to delivering successful Oracle implementations for our clients. We have an implementation methodology called "installation driven" which means that we follow the Oracle Unified Methodology to the letter. We are a proven and trusted partner to help organizations with their projects. Our implementation methodology is grounded on Oracle’s Unified Methodology, which we believe will suit the needs of your organization. We develop and implement the most extensive IT-solutions in the region. Our main focus is to provide technical expertise, consultancy, and integration of Oracle-solutions across a client’s enterprise. Our approach emphasizes an interactive process, where the development of global projects is driven by clients’ explicit needs and specifications.