Our Activities in Africa

Recruitment and Training

We promote employment and training in Africa. Our experts will work with you to design a recruitment and training program that suits your needs and budget. We also offer services related to establishing strategic partnerships, sourcing new markets, managing the production process, etc.

Delivering solutions in partnerships with African entities

TCT is a top-notch technology company that delivers cutting-edge services and products to clients across Africa. We offer innovative solutions for a variety of sectors, such as education and health. TCT operates in partnership with African entities throughout the continent, and delivers solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Offering computer technology and service across the continent

We are a leading provider of computer technology and service for clients across the continent. TCT is a leader in Africa, a continent that has experienced rapid growth in demand for computers, which has driven up prices. Working with suppliers across Africa and around the world, TCT offers high quality products at competitive prices to meet the needs of its African customers.

Development of local resources towards IT Self Sustenance

Our drive is to support the African continent and help it grow into an IT powerhouse. Through our services, we hope to provide local resources for the development of IT that will eventually lead to self-sufficiency and economic stability.

Our Projects in Africa

Transnational Computer Technology (TCT) is a leading provider of IT solutions for the Federal Government of Ethiopia. TCT has been providing the Ethiopian Government with comprehensive, strategic and innovative information technology services for several years.

  • Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) for the Federal Government of Ethiopia using the Oracle eBusiness Suite including Infrastructure, Application and Training (Under Implementation)

  • The Wegagen Bank Integrated Online Banking system is the first to provide true inter-branch services in Ethiopia. High Scalability, Availability, Maintainability and Integration are just a few of the features that make this product stand out.

  • SmartBank, the integrated Banking solution in Oracle will enable Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Bunna International Bank, Ethiopia and Construction and Business Bank (the three largest banks in Ethiopia) to offer a modern banking experience for their customers.

  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Bunna International Bank, Ethiopia and Construction and Business Bank using SmartBank, the integrated Banking solution in Orqacle.

  • The government of Lagos State has been working on establishing an integrated data, voice and video network that includes a backbone fiber network, campus area network in 36 buildings housing various ministries and agencies, metropolitan area networks with 40 remotes, resilient and redundant server infrastructure while housing Oracle database and enterprise resource apps.

  • We have a contract with UNDP to provide them with VSAT Internet Gateway service for internet connectivity in Addis Ababa. The project includes 8 regional POPs of various sizes which will be interconnected using fiber or frame relay. We also offer IP and voice services.

  • We are currently building a VSAT Internet Gateway Project in Luanda with VSAT remote POPs in two cities. And we aim to bring internet access too hard to reach areas in the world. We played an integral part of the project, by installing the "VSAT remote POPs" and getting the internet up and running.

  • We are the leading provider of IT solutions in the country, with a strong client roster. One of our most notable projects was to help World Bank/Ministry of Finance Nigeria by Building LAN, Wireless connectivity and Building Fiber Backbone for ministry of Finance head office, Intranet Servers and Internet connectivity.

  • Transnational Computer Technology provided its expertise in developing a cost-effective solution for Ethiopia Civil Aviation Authority. We collaborated with them to design and implement VSAT Data and Voice Connectivity with five remote Flight Information Region System sites within the country.

Our Customers

  • IFMIS for Federal Government of Ethiopia Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

  • Commerical Bank of Ethiopia

  • Construction and Business Bank

  • UNDP, Ethiopia

  • NAS Foods, Ethiopia

  • Lagos State e-Governance-Oracle E-Business Suite

  • General Electric

  • NEC

  • Ericsson

  • Orange County Transportation Authority

  • Orange County

  • Toyota

  • Wegagen Bank, Ethiopia

  • Bunna International Bank, Ethiopia

  • Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation

  • Ethiopian Civil Aviation

  • Ethiopian Air Lines

  • Cross River State e-Governance Oracle

  • Panasonic

  • Nokia

  • L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

  • Laxmi Group

  • State of Illinois