Transnational Computer Technology (TCT)

Transnational Computer Technology (TCT) is a leading provider of system integration and software development services leveraging the cutting technologies of Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Sybase etc. TCT’s operations are primarily grouped into four strategic business units:

  • Customer Service Management Systems – develops and implements software solutions for the services and transport sector.
  • Government Services Group – manages large scale database and financial packages deployment for government and public sector organizations.
  • Banking and Financial Service group - handles integrated enterprise solutions for banking and financial services sector
  • Consulting Services Group - provides business and IT consulting services

Over the years, TCT has built a strong team of highly skilled functional and technical consultants to build, deploy and maintain sophisticated IT solutions. The company has invested in building infrastructure and state-of-the-art training facilities to nurture the talents in countries like Ethiopia which helped it gain a strong hold in the region. TCT has also developed an extensive library of applications for manufacturing, financial management, and supply chain functions to cater to the varying needs of private and public sector organizations.


To be the most trusted IT service provider in Africa with state-of-the- art technology solutions, creating enhanced business value to customers.


To build industry-specific and region-specific IT solutions for African markets and to develop a strong team of local talent to ensure continuous growth in the next 5 years while helping customers leverage technology to achieve business excellence.


Transnational Computer Technology (TCT) was founded in 1978 in the U.S by a small group of applied mathematics consultants, providing implementation and designing of fast array processors in the then emerging field of Digital Signal Processing. It was not until the late 80’s that TCT was incorporated having its headquarter in El Segundo, California.

In 1984, TCT developed and marketed application software for accounting and merchandising using third generation computer languages. TCT assisted in the implementation of the first defense network (ARPANET -–the early form of the Internet) and a commercial timesharing network (TYMNET)

TCT decided to expand its operations in Nigeria partnering with Oracle Corporation. TCT helped in the implementation of the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) project for the Lagos State Government. TCT went on to implement the IFMIS project for the Cross River State Government of Nigeria.

Riding on the success in Nigeria, later in the same year, TCT opened its first office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Being an early entrant into this unexplored geography, TCT successfully implemented and delivered projects for “key” banks such as Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Construction and Business Bank, Buna Bank, and Wegagen Bank. With the IFMIS project, TCT handled about seven Ministries as well as various public bodies. Currently, TCT who’s the leading IT service provider in this part of the globe is leading a multi-million dollar IFMIS project for the Federal Government of Ethiopia.